Alex Ovechkin does throat slash, parties with Vladimir Putin after worlds win

Seeing how Alex Ovechkin reacts to winning anything – even the IIHF world championships – makes us a little sad that we haven’t seen the Washington Capitals star hoist the Stanley Cup or capture Olympic gold.

Because, in the words of hockey’s most celebrated poet: “Is party now ))))))”

Seriously, look at that man. We haven’t seen a Russian that happy since the invention of vodka.

Ovechkin was so happy after Russia won IIHF gold vs. Finland last weekend that he skated backwards!

Ovechkin was so happy that he pretended that he was never going to hand off the trophy! (Gifs by So Hockey Eh)

Ovechkin was so happy that he helped Russian president Vladamir Putin drink from the championship trophy!

Glug, glug! Nothing awkward about this at all, right Crimea? Meanwhile, Obama's never been to a Caps game. (Photos via

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Ovechkin was so happy that he made a throat slash gesture after the game! (Via NBC Sports)

This one was significant because Oleg Znarok, head coach of the Russian national hockey, was suspended from the gold medal game for making a throat slashing gesture to a coach from Team Sweden in the semifinals, which led to this amazing excuse from Znarok: “I just had a sore throat. It’s cold around here and we have very thin suits.”

Ovechkin was so happy that he sang happy songs on a happy bus with other happy Russians!

So good to see Ovechkin happy. Enjoy it. Because NHL camps open in just over three months …

Thanks to Russian Machine Never Breaks for the finds, and check them out for much, much more on Ovechkin.