Alex Burrows finally finds love in Chinatown bakery (Video)

It’s not always easy being Alex Burrows.

Sure, Vancouver Canucks fans appreciate their resident pest. But that appreciation can sometimes be drowned out by the rest of the hockey world talking about the biting and the line-crossing taunts and, in general, being called things like “One of NHL’s Best Diving, Injury-Faking Hair Pullers.” Which seems mean.

But there was an oasis waiting for Alex Burrows. A place where he’s treated like a hero. A place where they proudly wear his jersey. A place that means a mean Pineapple Bun to go with your Pork Liver Congee.

So Burrows and Canucks coach Willie Desjardins went to New Town Bakery in Vancouver’s Chinatown to meet his biggest fans, who prepare pastries while rocking No. 14 jerseys. Well, except for that one with the Henrik Sedin jersey. She must be new.

Awwwww … all the feels when owner Susanna Ng runs over to hug Burrows and can’t stop squeeing and said she couldn’t sleep the night before.


No word if Burrows offered his services to taunt and slew-foot competing bakers in the area.


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