Ales Hemsky’s sick goal delights bizarre Man-Horse in Edmonton (VIDEO)

The first goal of the Edmonton Oilers’ game against the Vancouver Canucks on Monday night was a beauty by Ales Hemsky.

It thrilled the Oilers. It thrilled the fans. And, to the surprise of many, it thrilled some sort of Man-Horse that landed seats along the glass.

(The humanoid equine appears about 10 seconds in.)

View the animated .GIF here.

While our first guess was some sort of Were-Pony, the Horse Mask has been used to comedic effect before, specifically during Hurricane Sandy in the Washington, DC area.

(OK, in reality, our first guess was that Rod Brind’Amour was scouting the game.)

If you know, or are, the Horse That Cheered Ales Hemsky, we’d love to know … why. Email us at

In the meantime, keep supporting the Oilers, thy mighty steed. Hopefully by having someone in your row spread peanut butter on your gums so it looks like you’re participating in the chants ...

UPDATE: Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. From reader Alex Eacret:

"We spotted another man horse at the San Jose Sharks home opener during warm ups and I guess I blocked it out until tonight. Sorry for the crappy image quality I didn't want to get too close as I did not know this animals temperament."

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