After Brodeur's 'embarrassing' call out, Sean Avery responds with burn of the year

After Brodeur's 'embarrassing' call out, Sean Avery responds with burn of the year

As you know, Sean Avery’s stint on “Dancing With The Stars” was short-lived, lasting just two weeks before America voted him off the ABC competitive reality show (and Avery blamed the show’s producers for framing him).

Since Sean Avery failed at something, Randy Miller of asked New Jersey Devils goalie and longtime Avery nemesis Martin Brodeur his opinion on it:

“I didn't watch - I don't watch those shows – but I was watching NHL Network and they mentioned it,” Brodeur told

And his thoughts? “What more could he do to embarrass himself?” Brodeur said with a chuckle. “There it is!”


Their rivalry goes back to Avery’s days with the New York Rangers, when Brodeur was a frequent target of Avery’s chirping. Avery infamously screened the Devils goalie by waving his stick in the air during a 2008 playoff game, forcing the NHL to quickly adopt an “Avery Rule” to ban the act.

He also used to call Brodeur “fatso.” Which is sorta mean.

Although given the current context, “mean” might have been redefined.

Here’s Avery on Twitter on Thursday, offering an incredible retort:


OK, he went there again. Brodeur’s 2003 divorce was a topic of snark for Avery during their playing days, as the Devils goalie’s first marriage broke up after he had an affair with his sister-in-law, whom he eventually married.

This situation is what launched the “Uncle Daddy” chants still heard today in New York and Philadelphia. And it’s what Sean Avery decided to hit back with after Brodeur mocked his dancing skills on a reality television show.