Adorable Grandma Stella’s Chicago Blackhawks song: Help get her tickets to the game (VIDEO)

Stella Caccamo is a die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fan, although she hasn’t been to a game in 50 years. (And probably didn’t watch many on television during that time either; thanks, Old Man Wirtz.) She’s also adorable*, in that 'old lady who always looks like she should be knitting a blanket or hugging grandchildren' sort of way.

Grandma Stella wrote a song/poem about the Blackhawks, who now have points in 22 straight games since the start of the season. Here’s the “Go Hawks Poem.” We think you’ll agree it’s the best poem about hockey in Chicago you’ve heard this week. At least among those that name-check Patrick Kane:

As you can see, Grandma Stella hoped that if her family put the song “on the computer,” the Blackhawks might ask her to sing it before a home game. Or at the very least, give a dedicated veteran fan some tickets. After all, “they’re the greatest in the world!”

Your mission today: Hit the Blackhawks on Twitter and Facebook and let them know that Grandma Stella must sing her song at a game to help celebrate this historic start. Or maybe just give her some luxury suite tickets. Either way: #GetGrandmaHawksTix.

* Of course it’s a Patrick Sharp jersey, lest anyone thing he hasn’t made every demographic in Chicago swoon with his dreaminess.

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