Adorable dog eats KHL forward Anatoly Golyshev’s passport (Photo)

Anatoly Golyshev is a 19-year-old forward with Automobilist in the KHL.

He has a friend named Tiffany. She’s a Yorkshire terrier. And she was hungry…


According to his team, Golishev returned to his home, throwing his keys and his passport on his nightstand before taking a snooze.

When he woke up, he saw that Tiffany had mistaken his Russian passport for Puppy Chow.

The good news for Golyshev is that Automobilist is home for the next three games, so he should be able to get the passport replaced. The Mirror (U.K.) mistakenly reported that Golyshev had been “dropped for three weeks” by his team because his pup decided to play TSA agent. He had been suspended three games earlier this season for a hit to the head. Maybe that's the confusion.

So lesson learned, KHL players: “My dog ate my passport” won't get you out of games.

And as for our Russian canine friends: Might want to watch your behavior. Putin has eyes everywhere, and David Backes has only so many dog beds...