Adelaide Adrenaline, Australian men’s hockey team, don pink bras for charity

Harrison Mooney

You're looking at members of the Adelaide Adrenaline, a hockey team in the semi-professional Australian Ice Hockey League. (Over there, they call it "Oyce Hockey.") They are, as you may have noticed, wearing T-shirts with pink bras printed on them.

If you're wondering what's up with that, allow me to make you... abreast of the situation. Let me get this off my... chest... before I forget, because I have a short... mammary. All right, moving on.

The Adrenaline donned the T-shirts in support of charity initiative BrasON for BrasOFF during warm-ups for a match against the Newcastle North Stars on Aug. 12.

BrasOFF raises funds for breast cancer research and care. In past years, those supporting the charity have gone bra-less, raising money through sponsors. But, since [most] men already go without a bra (even when they shouldn't), it leaves them with little to do on the day.

Thus, this year BrasON has turned things around, asking people to either wear their bras outside of their shirts or wear the official BrasON for BrasOFF T-shirt, as the Adrenaline did.

No doubt BrasOFF appreciates the... support.

Check out a photo gallery of the Adrenaline here.

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