Adam Pardy gets checked through glass, has helmet stolen by fan (Video)

Late in their 4-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks, Adam Pardy of the Winnipeg Jets took a big hit from Brandon Bollig in the corner, knocking a pane of glass into the stands.

Fortunately, the glass didn't shatter or appear to injure anyone in the vicinity, but one fan in the area decided he wanted a piece of memorabilia to remember moment, so he stole Pardy's helmet.

That fan, clearly several pops into his evening, made quite the effort in grabbing the lid, reaching over the displaced pane of glass and ripping it off Pardy's head. Was he upset that the hit caused him to spill his beer? Probably. We all would be.

Here's what Pardy, who was a good sport, had to say about the incident after the game:

Eventually the fan was cleared out of the section, but not before the legend of Helmet Man was born.

There hasn't been a more intimidating stare in hockey since that one time a player looked at Gary Roberts the wrong way...

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Sean Leahy

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