According to NBC commercial, Sidney Crosby’s Penguins eliminated Flyers last postseason (VIDEO)

Look, we’re no ad wizards. But how does this happen?

This NBC commercial for the opening day of NHL action on Saturday included a teaser for the Philadelphia Flyers vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins, selling the game thusly:

“… and Claude Giroux and the Flyers have their sights set on revenge for last season’s playoff loss to Pitt.”

And what team wouldn’t want revenge against an opponent that it eliminated in six games? Outscoring them 30-26, frustrating them to the point of hooliganism? And Giroux obviously would like revenge on Crosby after Sid got in his way during Game 6 with his flailing body, right?

No, but seriously: How does this even happen? And by that we mean "happen so often"?

s/t Broad Street Hockey