The 7 stop-motion animation hockey videos we find rather awesome

The Seven is an arbitrary list of randomly connected hockey subjects that will run every Thursday on Puck Daddy. Agree to disagree.

Whether it's a Ray Harryhausen army of skeletons or Wallace and Gromit, stop-motion animation has its charms. Its incredibly, stupendously time-consuming charms …

Luckily, there are a number of puckheads that decides the best use of their leisure hours was to create short videos that married stop-motion animation with hockey. Some used Lego's. Some used action figures. Some used table hockey games. And one guy used his face.

Here are The Seven stop-motion animation hockey videos we find rather awesome. Enjoy.

And here … we … go.

7. Lego Hockey All-Star Game

This is supposed to be a video of the 2012 NHL All-Star Game, yet it was posted in 2008. It has cool Lego players with NHL logos and nice sound, even if it looks like it was filmed by a cell phone off another cell phone.

6. The Hockey Player Got Killed

A hockey playing robot gleefully puck-handles along the rug and takes a shot before (SPOILER) he gets killed by a distant cousin of the ED-209.

5. Mr. Bendo Flyer vs. Mr. Bendo Star

Via Boogaardfan24, this 2007 fight between the bendable surrogates for the Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars ends with player interviews in someone's lovely sitting room. Featuring our favorite disclaimer: "No Mr. Bendo's were harmed in the making of this film."

4. NHL Logo


Short, sweet and to the point: The NHL logo created through electrical tape and the miracle of stop-motion animation. From Arekay Designs in 2011.

3. Alex P.'s Playoff Beard

A time-lapse stop motion of Alex losing his Chicago Blackhawks scruff, made all the cooler by the presence of the XX.

2. The Final Countdown To Hockey

An epic adventure in which one brave Luke Skywalker action figure is determined to find a way to let his astromech droids play hockey in some dude's apartment, while Europe plays. This is what "Toy Story" would have looked like if it were shot by Greg Wyshynski stoners born in 1977. Hockey. With a piece of pig poop. Please stay to the end to see the Cup raised. We have no words.