The 7 oddest Sidney Crosby hockey collectibles

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It's just a matter of days before Sidney Crosby (again) rejoins the Pittsburgh Penguins after (another) prolonged absence due to concussion-like symptoms.

What better way to celebrate than to indulge in something Sidney-related for your rec room or desk? OK, there are probably a multitude of better ways, but go with us here …

The Internet is filled with odd little hockey items, and the Pittsburgh Penguins captain has served as the inspiration for more than a few of them.

Here are The 7 Oddest Sidney Crosby Hockey Collectibles we've run across on the Web.

7. Sidney Crosby Slugger

This is an official signed Sidney Crosby baseball bat created by Hillerich and Bradsby, i.e., the Louisville Slugger folks. It's on eBay for $699.95. Finally, a moment of pride for the city of Pittsburgh when it comes to baseball, after all these years.

6. Sidney Crosby 2011 Winter Classic Stealth Bobblehead

OK, this right here as creepy as [expletive]. Forever Collectables made a 150-doll run of this Sidney Crosby Winter Classic bobbler that looks like some Sinister Sid transported to our world from the Phantom Zone. It's $499.95 on eBay; glowing red eyes sold separately. Speaking of creepy …

5. Mrs. Sidney Crosby Car Sign

The perfect gift for the delusional stalker in your life, this car sign tells the world that you also own a "Mrs. Crosby" Penguins jersey and are planning to vacation in Cole Harbour in the near future. This'll set you back $4.70 American and countless years in dignity. Don't forget the matching shirt!

4. Sidney Crosby: The Lego

Finally, a way to incorporate Sidney Crosby into that massive re-creation of the Lusitania you've been working on for years. This custom-made Lego figure is $19.99 on eBay and features Crosby's trademark snarl and face shield. Also available in 2008 Winter Classic garb as well.

3. "Mario And The Kid"

When's the last time you invested in a piece of art for your home? Look no further than "Mario and The Kid"! From artist "rongenest": on Etsy: "'Mario And The Kid' is a original acrylic painting on 16" x 20' canvas board. This painting was inspired by two Pittsburgh Penguin all stars, Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby. Mario taking younger Sidney under his wing." Or dragging him behind with a view of his posterior. That too. This goes for $150.00 plus shipping.

2. The Sidney Crosby Chair

The Jersey Chair Company in Manitoba can create custom chairs featuring jerseys (hence the name). Via Sidney Crosby Info, these Sid The Kid chairs are rather striking and pretty darn cool. Although the white Penguins one has "spilled glass of wine and deep regrets" written all over it.

And finally …

1. The Sidney Crosby Bumper Sticker

Sweet Jiminy Christmas … yikes.

But hey, it's your $5.

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