The 7 defensemen that could make an NHL trade deadline impact

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Tim Gleason? Off the market. Francois Beauchemin? Ditto. Ryan Suter? Probably not available, save for some ridiculous overpayment from Paul Holmgren that the Nashville Predators can't deny.

Defense wins championships in the National Hockey League, but the number of impact defensemen available at the 2012 trade deadline grows forever smaller.

Still, there are a few blue-liners that could be had at the deadline and won't embarrass themselves on a contender. Here are the 7 defensemen that could make an NHL trade deadline impact.

7. Chris Campoli, Montreal Canadiens

The puck-moving defenseman being hockey's answer to the left-handed middle reliever in baseball, Campoli could move to his fourth team in two seasons. He's making peanuts ($1.75 million), he's a spare part in Montreal (averaging 15:58 TOI) and he's an unrestricted free agent this summer. Maybe a reunion with the Chicago Blackhawks, despite being best remembered for The Turnover?

6. Andy Sutton, Edmonton Oilers

Suspended twice this season and forever immortalized as an Internet meme, Sutton's also a veteran physical presence with an edge that can help a contending team. He has a manageable cap hit ($2.125 million) and goes unrestricted next summer. He'll be available.

5. Jaroslav Spacek, Carolina Hurricanes

Acquired by the Hurricanes in the Tomas Kaberle deal, the 37-year-old makes $3,833,333 against the cap. He's not all that physical, logs around 17 minutes of ice time, but he's got Stanley Cup Finals experience from his days with the Oilers. Also, has lovely skin after receiving a facial from Milan Lucic.

4. Kyle Quincey, Colorado Avalanche

Teammate Shane O'Brien could get a good look at the deadline too, but Quincey ($3.13 million hit) is the more intriguing option as a puck-moving defenseman who, as Adrian Dater notes, would bring back the biggest return. Thing is, he's leading the Avalanche in ice time (22:25), he's a restricted free agent next summer ... and at one point out of the No. 8 seed, might the Avalanche just want to hang onto him for a playoff run?

3. Pavel Kubina, Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning are currently in a playoff race, or at least that's how they perceive it. Kubina plays on the second unit for the penalty kill and the power play. He averages 19:51 TOI per game, which is a bit misleading: He's been well over 20 minutes per game in 20 of his last 22 games.

He'll have a prorated $3.85 million cap hit and has a limited no-trade clause. But he's unrestricted next summer and could really add a veteran presence for the right team. If he's available.

2. Bryan Allen, Carolina Hurricanes

Spacek's the bigger name, Allen is the cheaper player ($2.9 million) and, frankly, the better defenseman in 2012. The 31-year-old plays 19:03 per game in a shutdown role, leading the Hurricanes with 117 blocked shots. The type of player who can go from "We Traded For Who?" at the deadline to being credited as the final piece of a title puzzle.

1. Hal Gill, Montreal Canadiens

Gill's availability at the deadline is about as obvious as a 6-foot-7 player on the Habs bench. He's a playoff stud who plays shutdown defense, blocks shots and clears the crease, which makes up for the fact that he's got the mobility of a parking meter. Still, he's going to be coveted by teams that need veteran help on the blueline. Philly and Chicago leap to mind; but what about a return to the 'Burgh?

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