The 50 worst own-goals in hockey: Puck Daddy counts down Nos. 20-11

By now, you might think that you've seen all the different ways a guy can score into his own net. The first 30 entries on this list have featured all the standards: the bad pass that travels the length of the ice with the net empty, the botched attempt to swat a loose puck out of the crease, the bank off the goaltender's skate on a bad outlet pass, et cetera.

But I can guarantee you that today's section features at least one play you've never seen before (unless you've seen this exact play). I don't mean to oversell it, but it's pretty great. Mind you, so are the other nine.

We open with a own-goal suite from the Montreal Canadiens:

20 | Ryan O'Byrne, Montreal Canadiens

The game clock ticks down within the final five minutes. The Canadiens are leading 3-2. Carey Price leaves the goal because the Islanders are called for a delayed penalty, meaning they'll either have to waste two precious minutes killing it or the lead will be doubled in less time than that. Things are looking up for the Habs. And then Ryan O'Byrne's hidden Cylon programming takes over. As one Youtube commenter said: "Price-less."

19 | Tomas Plekanec, Montreal Canadiens

Of course, having Carey Price in the net doesn't mean an own-goal is impossible: here, the Canadiens netminder is at fault, as he shades out of his crease to deflect Tomas Plekanec's won faceoff to the corner and somehow manages to let the puck slide under his stick and deflect off his skate and into the net.

18 | Dan Boyle, San Jose Sharks

Poor Dan Boyle is the only player to have the dubious distinction of appearing on this list twice. He's trying to chip the puck down below the goal line; he only half-succeeds, much to the delight of the exuberant radio caller. Boyle winds up to take an anger swing as the Avalanche celebrate, but he wisely changes his mind. Good call. The way things are going, the wind resistance will break the stick and the shaft will hit someone in the stands.

17 | Riley McIntosh, Tri-City Americans

This goal would be higher up the list if there was better footage, but even in this short grainy clip, it's pretty easy to recognize what went wrong: everything. On the breakout, defender Brett Plouffe skates into his own crease. Somehow, he collides with defence partner Riley McIntosh on his way through, losing the puck and taking McIntosh's legs out, and a falling, flailing McIntosh somehow bats the puck past goalie Drew Owsley. What. The. Heck.

16 | Sylvain Lefebvre, Toronto Maple Leafs

As the final seconds tick off the Western Conference semifinal, and the Leafs begin to celebrate their series win over the Sharks with a 4-1 game 7 victory, Sylvain Lefevbre attempts to ice the puck and the game. Instead, it goes off of teammate Peter Zezel and into his own goal. No big deal, really, but it's still hilarious, especially since one of the Sharks celebrates.

15 | Chris Phillips, Ottawa Senators

In Game 5 of the 2007 Stanley Cup Final, as Ray Emery and Chris Phillips get their signals crossed on what turns out to be the Stanley Cup winning goal for the Ducks. Emery says, Here you go, Chris, and Chris apparently hears, Stickhandle the puck right into our net, Chris. It's an honest mistake.

14 | Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils

Wherein Martin Brodeur forgets how to skate, seizes up, inadvertently tosses his stick forward, and has the puck deflect off of it and through his legs as he falls down in the 2003 Stanley Cup Final. Incredible. Even more incredible: a little over a year later, the league would claim Brodeur was too flawless a puck-handler, and that this aspect of his game had to be taken out. How soon we forget.

13 | Sven Berger, Kloten Flyers

Berger's under pressure. He doesn't handle it well, burning his own goalie with a snipe of a wrist shot. Granted, if his plan was to put it where none of the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers can find it, I guess he succeeded. I like the one Laker's jubilant celebration. Calm down, man. You didn't even touch the puck.

12 | Ivan Vishnevskiy, Dallas Stars

Can Vishnevskiy write this off as a rookie mistake, or does scoring into one's own net go beyond that? You've gotta feel for him either way. He thought he was taking possession of the puck and turning it up ice. Instead, the puck suddenly decides it wants to wander off and into the net. Nothing you can do when the puck gains volition.

11 | Keith Ballard, Florida Panthers

The best part of this play isn't when Ballard swats at the puck, only to have it somehow go backwards and into his own goal on contact. It's the moment afterwards, when he skates around dumbfounded, trying to figure out who changes the laws of motion on him. The look he gives a teammate at 0:16 is pure gold. Did you see that? That's not what usually happens when you punch forward, is it? Weird.


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