2014 Sochi Olympics hockey schedule: When can U.S., Canada watch gold medal game?

Face it: North American fans were totally spoiled in two of the last three Winter Olympics.

The 2002 Salt Lake City Games and the 2010 Vancouver Games featured hockey tournaments that were played at times that didn’t require 2 a.m. alarm clocks buzzing and copious amounts of coffee. We had hockey throughout the day, allowing us to check out Tore Vikingstad (NORGE!) without completely ruining our sleep schedule.

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The 2014 Sochi Olympics? Not so television friendly. At least for the West Coast.

There’s an 8-hour time difference between Sochi and New York. So the USA/Russia throw-down in preliminaries on Feb. 15 will be at 7:30 a.m. in East and 4:30 a.m. in the West. So, yeah, Spoiler Warning!

Here’s what the 2014 Sochi Olympic men’s hockey tournament schedule looks like …

Via the IIHF.com website, the preliminaries:

The USA preliminary games, in local times, are:

7:30 AM ET Slovakia vs. United States
7:30 AM ET United States vs. Russia
7:30 AM ET Slovenia vs. United States

For Canada, they’re:

12:00 PM ET Canada vs. Norway
12:00 PM ET Canada vs. Austria
12:00 PM ET Finland vs. Canada

The qualification round playoffs are on Tuesday, Feb. 18, starting at noon local time. The quarterfinals are the following day, beginning at noon.

The semifinals are on Friday, Feb. 21, at 7 a.m. and noon ET/9 a.m. PT.

The bronze medal game is Saturday, Feb. 22, at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT.

The gold medal game is Sunday, Feb. 23, at 4 p.m. local time: 7 a.m. ET/4 a.m. PT.

East Coast bias!

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