Your 2013 Stanley Cup Playoff second round TV schedule

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Have you caught your breath yet from a pretty wild first round? Too bad. Round 2 kicks off Tuesday night. Now that the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers complete the second round pairings, here's how the schedule looks:

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• Remember, now that we're in Round 2, there are no more local broadcasts of games. In the U.S., NBC, NBCSN and CNBC will have every game.

• According to Steve Lepore, May 25 may feature a pair of Game 5s between the Bruins/Rangers and Red Wings/Blackhawks. One of those games will be played on NBC in primetime should one of those series need at least five games.

• Each series will feature two full days off over the course of the seven games thanks to building availability and television considerations. No games will be played on back-to-back days.

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