The 10 worst NHL logos of all-time inexplicably includes this Canucks classic

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Icethetics, the NHL aesthetics news and views blog, revealed its top 10 NHL Logos of All-Time this week with the Hartford Whalers ranking first overall and putting Brass Bonanza back in your head for the rest of the week.

Alas, it appears Icethetics has, much like anyone trying to defend Teemu Selanne, a No. 8 Problem.

Ranking eighth on the Best Of All-Time List: The Chicago Blackhawks Indian Head, which frankly would have been No. 1 on ours and many other lists.

Ranking eighth on Icethetics’ just-released Worst NHL Logos of All-Time list: The glorious electric skate logo from the Vancouver Canucks, seen above on Alex Mogilny.

We know … absurd, right?

Here’s Chris from Icethetics’ explanation:

I anticipate my Vancouver friends will fillet me for this one. But I just can't stand it. Why all the lines? The Canucks had a pretty good thing going with the stick-in-the-rink mark. Boring, maybe. But it wasn't terrible. This and the color change in 1978 were just uncalled for. But they kept it around for 20 years until they brought in the orca.

One could argue, quite successfully, that the Orca they brought back should have made this list: a rabid whale that appears to be emerging from some sort of a stylized blueberry popsicle.

Say what you will about the skate logo, but even the “puke yellow” (tm Brian Burke) jerseys can’t compare with this rash-masquerading-as-a-hockey-sweater.

The rest of the worst logos list from Icethetics:

10. Winnipeg Jets 2.0
9. Atlanta Thrashers
8. Vancouver Canucks skate
7. Ottawa Senators 3-D head
6. Phoenix Coyotes peyote coyote
5. New York Islanders Fishsticks
4. Tampa Bay Lightning script
3. Boston Bruins crazy bear
2. Buffalo Sabres Buffaslug
1. Columbus Blue Jackets mosquito

It should be noted that the Minnesota Wild’s logo ranks second on the best of all time (check it here), proving that your terrible team name can be somewhat redeemed by a decent logo.

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