The 10 most memorable hockey fan moments of 2013 (Puck Daddy Year in Review)

Through New Year's Eve, your friends at Puck Daddy fondly recall the Year in Hockey for 2013, such as it was

They ranged from cute to putrid, from touching to terrible, from a moose leg on the ice to a helmet on a moron.

They are the 10 most memorable hockey fan moments of 2013 …

10. Little Kids Do Adorable Things At Games

There was some serious awwwwwwwwwww’ing going on in 2013, from the Lil Caps Fans who celebrated Alex Ovechkin’s goal in the playoffs (seen here) to the young boy who was stunned when Charlie Coyle of the Minnesota Wild waved to him (seen in this post).

9. Canadiens Fan Drops The Puck … Into New Quebec Arena Foundation

Construction worker Eric Chevest unleashed one of the ultimate troll jobs of 2013 in April, when he dropped a Montreal Canadiens puck into the foundation of the new Quebec City arena.

But who was he trolling? He later told Le Soleil that he wanted to have the puck in the foundation of the area so the new Nords would always be on top of Montreal. OK then.

8. Throwing Things On The Ice

While we’d never condone throwing anything on the ice besides teddy bears in a team-designated toss or hats after three goals. That said, we must acknowledge the bra tossed after Taylor Hall’s hat trick, the sausage tossed to disrupt a Tyler Seguin shootout attempt and the moose leg tossed on the ice during a Manitoba Junior League game.

7. The Chicago Blackhawks Playoff Lawn

Frank Miller decided in lieu of a playoff beard, he would grow a playoff lawn for the Chicago Blackhawks, refusing to mow it until the Hawks won the Cup.

Alas, the city frowned upon this tradition, and cut the things themselves. And the Hawks still won!

6. Paul MacLean’s Creepy Doppelganger

At a January home game, Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean was doing his thing. Over his shoulder was a fan watching the game … who looked exactly like Paul MacLean. The McClone saga was solved when it was revealed the fans was Mike Watson, who’s just a dude that looks like Paul MacLean.

5. The Sad Sharks Fan

Vincent Savage, a 7-year-old San Jose Sharks fan was so broken up by the trade of Ryane Clowe to the New York Rangers that his mother had to document it on YouTube. His lament – “I’m sad about everything the Sharks have done. I’m so mad at them” – summed up the totality of the franchise’s existence.

Seeing the clip, Clowe called the boy and sent him an autographed jersey. Vincent was also invited to the Sharks locker room, where he told Dan Boyle he couldn’t believe he’d never won a Cup with the Sharks.

4. Brian Burke Sues Poonerman

After he was fired by Toronto but before he was hired by Calgary, Brian Burke has some time on his hands. So he decided to launch a lawsuit against a bunch of Internet message board commenters who trafficked in salacious rumor about his dismissal. That includes Poonerman and Sir Psycho Sexy. His defamation suit is ongoing.

3. Bruins Fans Honor Martin Richard on Orr Statue

In the team’s first game back after the Boston Marathon bombing, Boston fans hung a Bruins T-shirt with the name of 8-year-old bombing victim Martin Richard, himself a Boston hockey fan, on the statue of Hall of Famer Bobby Orr located outside the arena. The night was filled with emotion inside the arena; but this gesture outside the arena, we’ll never forget.

2. Justin Bieber Steps On The Logo

In July, Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber caused an uproar when he stood squarely on the Blackhawks’ logo in their dressing room while taking a photo of the Stanley Cup.

Chicago fans would get their revenge at the Blackhawks fan convention, standing on Bieber’s face.

1. Pardy Helmet

The most memorable fan moment of 2013 happened in November, when Adam Pardy of the Winnipeg Jets was checked by Brandon Bollig, jarring loose a pane of glass. They both tumbled into the first row of United Center … where an inebriated Blackhawks fan ran down and ripped the helmet from Pardy’s head before placing it on his own.

This nearly led to a massive mocking protest by Jets fans, who wanted to wear hockey helmets to the Blackhawks’ game in Winnipeg, before the team put the kibosh on it.

But the image of that lummox wearing a player’s helmet in Chicago is the one we’ll remember from 2013.