Wojtek Wolski takes Alex Radulov shot to face in KHL (Video)

Greg Wyshynski

Sliding to block a shot is usually a recipe for disaster, but at the very least a player can use his over-padded body to help lessen the impact. Alas, there is no “face pad.” 

Witness Wojtek Wolski in a KHL game on Saturday, sliding across the slot and taking a shot from Alex Radulov to the face. The former Colorado Avalanche winger bled on the ice before leaving the rink. 

He played close to 15 minutes in Metallurg's 3-1 win over CSKA.

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Wolski really took a chance here: That full-body lunge was an attempt to knock the puck away from Radulov with his stick. He was successful, but the puck deflected off his lumber and into his face.

And via his Instagram, here's the aftermath of Wojtek's face:

Wojtek Wolski / Instagram
Wojtek Wolski / Instagram

Which brings us to the ever-classy Radulov, who angrily skated over to the referee when they had the gall to stop play while Wolski bled out on the ice. But he did eventually give Wolski a tap on the backside with his stick in support.