Ziggy Ansah’s 3D glasses are the NFL draft’s first fashion statement

The top of the NFL draft was relatively unexciting, with seven linemen taken with the first seven picks, and there weren't many outlandish outfits either.

Well, except Ziggy Ansah wearing some 3D movie theater glasses with no lenses. Of course.

The Detroit Lions' new defensive end, who went fifth overall, had the movie theater 3D glasses look going. Russell Westbrook should be proud. If Ansah can't rush the quarterback in the NFL, maybe the NBA will try to pick him up based on his fashion sense.

Not really sure what possessed Ansah to think that was the right look to go with his plain suit. Thankfully, the 270-pound Ansah didn't complete the hipster look with some skinny jeans.

Other than Deion Sanders pointing out cornerback Dee Milliner's really gaudy watch on the NFL Network after Milliner was taken by the Jets, the fashion statements were pretty conservative in the first round. But it's early. Something needs to shake up a fairly uninteresting first round, even if it's someone else wearing cheap broken glasses from the floor of the nearest AMC with his expensive suit.

Here's a look at the fashion winners and losers from the draft's first round:

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