Young Packers fan has worn Aaron Rodgers jersey for more than 1,000 days in a row

Dave Pehl mentioned to his son David, after David got an Aaron Rodgers jersey for Christmas, that a young boy had set a record by wearing a Brett Favre jersey for almost 1,600 straight days.

He might regret that now.

David Pehl, who is in sixth grade, started his own streak with his Rodgers jersey. And when WKBT in Wisconsin told the story this week, he was up to 1,034 consecutive days wearing the same jersey (h/t to Yardbarker). The story says he wants to take the streak past four years.

And it looks like what you'd expect of a jersey that has been worn and hand washed daily for almost three years straight. There's little left of the No. 12 on the front or back, and only some remnants of Rodgers' name on it.

And even worse for Dave Pehl, who planted the idea of the jersey record, he and the rest of the family are Vikings fans. So he has been getting trolled by his son for more than 1,000 days in a row.

David Pehl still has a ways to go to reach the record of David Witthoft, who took off his Favre jersey in 2008 after 1,561 straight days (I'm just going to assume that is the record, and really, if someone has beaten that I don't want to know about it anyway).

Hopefully young Pehl isn't carrying on any Ripken-esque streaks with his underwear or socks.

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