New York Jets draft quarterback Geno Smith, who predicts Jets will go to the playoffs

New York Jets draft quarterback Geno Smith, who predicts Jets will go to the playoffs
New York Jets draft quarterback Geno Smith, who predicts Jets will go to the playoffs

Of course the New York Jets took quarterback Geno Smith. It had to happen this way.

The team that usually is the most interesting during the draft because of its exuberant fans on hand, which has the most talked-about quarterback quagmire in the NFL, took the player from West Virginia whose long wait in the green room was more intriguing than almost all of the actual picks that happened in the first round. It all fit together perfectly.

It's a good thing Smith decided to stick around for the second day of the draft, because he was around to hear what sounded like loud cheers from the Jets fans when the pick was announced.

And if Smith won't be under enough pressure as the new quarterback in the pressure cooker of New York, he had a proclamation ready for the NFL Network.

"I'm proud to be a Jet, we're coming in and we're going to the playoffs next year," Smith told NFL Network.

Have to like that confidence.

Smith's selection can hopefully provide the Jets with some quarterback stability. Mark Sanchez is on borrowed time now. The team that brought in Tim Tebow last year to make its already confusing quarterback situation an even bigger mess took Smith, who some had projected in the top 10. There finally seems to be a plan at that position.

Smith's stock was all over the place before the draft, which mirrored his senior year in college. Smith got off to an incredible start and about halfway through the season seemed like a Heisman Trophy lock. Then over the second half of the season Smith struggled in every faced of the game, the Mountaineers struggled to win games and Smith wasn't even invited to New York as a Heisman finalist.

So what are the Jets getting? The quarterback who looked like the next franchise quarterback in the first part of the year, or the one who couldn't do much right late in the year and finished with a dud of a performance in the Pinstripe Bowl against Syracuse? There's good reason for the Jets to like the pick. Smith threw for 4,205 yards, 42 touchdowns and six interceptions last season. That's not too bad, especially at a second-round price.

Smith's long wait on Thursday became a huge story. He left before the draft was over, reports said he was not going to attend the second day of the draft in New York, but then he ended up at Radio City Music Hall after all.

When Smith finally walked out on the stage, he was all smiles and most Jets fans at the draft appeared thrilled. We'll check back during the season to see if the relationship is still as happy.

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