New York Giants will bring in running backs Brandon Jacobs, Willis McGahee after David Wilson struggles badly

It was about as bad a game as a running back could have.

David Wilson rushed seven times for 19 yards, fumbling on two of those carries — once in the Cowboys' red zone and once in his own end of the field that was run back by Dallas Cowboys safety Barry Church for a score. In addition, and perhaps just as egregiously, Wilson failed to pick up a blitz that registered a sack of Eli Manning and knocked the Giants back from the 1-yard line to the 11, costing his team four points in, all in all, a miserable night on offense for the Giants.

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That's why they are shopping for running back help today. They've got a slew of backs, some familiar and some not, coming in to visit this week.

The Giants benched the former first-round pick Wilson, who was expected by many to break out this season, from that point on in the game. They are not giving up on Wilson yet, and his 84-yard score in the preseason shows how dangerous a runner he is. But until he shows he can hang onto the ball and pass protect better, both issues that lingered from his rookie season last year, Wilson will be limited in what he can do.

The problem for the Giants is that with Andre Brown out indefinitely with a broken leg and only Da'Rel Scott really in tow behind Wilson. Could Jacobs return? His knowledge of the offense would be attractive, as he could assimilate quickly, but McGahee might be the better all-around back. Or perhaps a third, less-known quantity will be the option the Giants choose. They did not have a slew of talented backs with them in camp, so that will hinder them for the next few games.

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