Yesterday's least valuable players: Tom Brady? Here?

Tom Brady(notes), QB, New England Patriots. At the two-minute warning, the Patrtios had the ball, 1st and 10, at their own 49 yard line, with the score tied. Tom Brady wins in that situation 100 times out of 100, right? Maybe not anymore. On second down, Brady took a sack and coughed up the football, the Broncos forced overtime and they snatched the win. For five games now, Tom Brady has not been the Tom Brady we're used to, and I think it's fair to wonder how much of that is because Josh McDaniels is now on the opposite sideline, and not on Brady's sideline.

Chris Brown, RB, Houston Texans. Even after DRC made the play late in the fourth quarter yesterday, the Texans had every opportunity to send the game into overtime, where momentum would have still been on their side. But two of their last three offensive plays where Chris Brown getting the ball at the one-yard-line, and then being unable to do anything but run into a guy and stay there. Of course, Matt Schaub(notes) can take some of the blame for overshooting Joel Dreessen(notes) in the back of the endzone on third down, too, and so can whoever called those plays, because the Texans clearly weren't going to get any kind of a push against the Cardinals defensive front.

Clinton Portis(notes), RB, Washington Redskins. Clinton Portis accepts this award on behalf of all the Redskins, but he gets chosen for the honors for whining to the coaches about a teammate, when he's not exactly lighting the world on fire, either. Last week, Portis yapped to the coaches to get fullback Mike Sellers(notes) pulled from the game, and while it may have been true that Sellers blew a play, Portis can feel free to pull his own weight, too. He's averaging 3.7 yards per carry on the year (backup Ladell Betts(notes) is at 4.9) and got just 57 yards on 19 carries yesterday.

Kerry Collins(notes), QB, Tennessee Titans. Having Kerry Collins as your quarterback is fine, as long as you don't ever plan to be trailing. When he's got to throw the ball 32 times, you just aren't going to win. Of course, you could take the Raiders approach, trail all game, and still not let your quarterback throw (JaMarcuss Russell [obviously, we're not getting through an LVP post without at least a mention] threw 13 times yesterday), but I guess you'll lose either way.

Derek Anderson(notes), QB, Cleveland Browns. I believe DA is the first player to ever win a game and be included among the least valuable players. Congratulations, Mr. 2-of-27 for 23 yards. Did Brady Quinn(notes) do something to Eric Mangini's wife or something? Does Derek Anderson have pictures of Mangini and an underage sheep?

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