Yesterday's five most valuable players: Vince Young, again

1. Vince Young(notes), Quarterback, Tennessee Titans. How about a 99-yard game-winning touchdown drive? How about 387 passing yards? These are not the numbers of a game manager, nor are they the numbers of a team "hiding" their quarterback. It might have taken a few fourth down conversions and one extremely fortunate tip, but Vince Young made it happen. He sat in the pocket, threw the ball downfield and he made it happen. He was Joe freakin' Montana yesterday. I don't know if there's anything more fascinating in sports right now than watching the continued progression of Vince Young.

2. Brett Favre(notes), Quarterback, Minnesota Vikings. I listened to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman call the game yesterday, and I listened to Fox's studio crew at halftime. I don't believe there's any praise left for Brett Favre in the universe. They used it all up. I have nothing to add, so I'm just going to put him at number two on this list, and hope that makes the appropriate statement. Thank you.

3. Darrelle Revis(notes), Cornerback, New York Jets. Revis had two interceptions yesterday, one of them coming off the heel of Steve Smith that Revis took to the house. Revis also teamed up with Jake Delhomme(notes) to limit Smith to one catch for five yards. Even if Delhomme hadn't badly blown a couple of throws and Smith wouldn't have had a touchdown overturned by replay, it still wouldn't have been a huge day for Smith. After the game, he offered up this praise for Revis:

"At times I thought I ran good routes against him and at times he did a good job against me. I have the utmost respect for him, but there are times I ran good routes and he had good position," Smith said. "He's a very good, solid, young corner."

I'd say that's a fair and accurate assessment, and I give Steve Smith a lot of credit for offering it. Too many times, pride and ego gets in the way of one player complimenting another. It's nice to see.

4. Antonio Gates(notes), Tight End, San Diego Chargers. Gates has solid numbers in yards and receptions this year, but yesterday was only the second game in which he found the endzone. He took it to the paint twice against the Chiefs, doubling his season total.

5. Chris Redman(notes), Quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. If you thought Vince Young was an unlikely candidate to lead a late touchdown drive, might I bring Chris Redman to your attention? Matt Ryan(notes) left the game very early with a foot injury, and Redman stepped in and played admirably. He went 23-of-41 for 243 yards, two touchdowns, and no picks, and he hit Roddy White(notes) for the game-winning score as time expired. Sure, it was only the Bucs, but it's also only Chris Redman. What do you want?

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