Yesterday's five least valuable players: Randy Moss, certainly

Randy Moss(notes), Wide Receiver, New England Patriots. Regardless of whether or not he quit, Moss was pretty much worthless for the Patriots yesterday. Tom Brady(notes) only targeted him four times, and Moss only caught one of those, which he promptly fumbled. He also had a pretty big drop, and of course, there was the now infamous play on which he may or may not have quit. The Patriots managed to win anyway, because they were playing a team quarterbacked by Matt Moore(notes), just like they're likely to win this coming week because they're playing a team quarterbacked by Ryan Fitzpatrick(notes). We may not know the real ramifications of this -- if nothing else, the conversation about Moss certainly ratchets up the soap opera atmosphere in New England -- until the Patriots play a good team, which comes two weeks against Jacksonville.

Carson Palmer(notes), Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals. I don't know whether to chalk it up to a great defensive performance from Minnesota, or see it as a potentially fatal flaw in the Bengals, but there was zero explosiveness in the Cincinnati offense yesterday. At no point did it feel like they were capable of a big play in the passing game, and at no point did they come close. Carson Palmer threw for 94 yards. Matt Schaub(notes) had that in a quarter. The biggest passing play of the game for the Bengals went for 15 whole yards. I'm a Carson Palmer fan, and I'd really love to see him play at the level he's capable of playing at, but it just hasn't been there this year. But again, this all came against a very tough measuring stick in the Vikings, so we'll see next week when they play the softer San Diego defense.

Tim Jennings(notes), Jacob Lacey(notes), Jerraud Powers(notes), Cornerbacks, Denver Broncos. These were the men punished by Brandon Marshall(notes) yesterday. Jennings gets first billing, as he was Marshall's Zhu Zhu Pet in the endzone, and Lacey gets second billing, because he saw a lot of Marshall, too. Lacey didn't see as much of Marshall, but he had his turns and was just as ineffective at stopping him when he did. Perhaps they can get a group rate on therapy this week, after Marshall did what he did to them.

Matt Cassel(notes), Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs. I usually wouldn't bother putting a Chief here at this point in the season, but Cassel's performance yesterday was pretty much the opposite of a good day for a quarterback. He hasn't had the greatest year, and certainly wasn't close to earning his massive paycheck, but at least he had kept his interception totals down. But he threw four picks against the Bills, all of them in the second half, three of them in the fourth quarter, and the last one on a failed Hail Mary that sealed the deal.

Arian Foster(notes), Running Back, Houston Texans. He carried 13 times for 34 yards yesterday, which isn't good, but the Texans romped (since it was a game that barely mattered), so who cares, right? There are some of us out here, though, that had Steve Slaton(notes) on our fantasy teams, now have to start some other Texans running back, and would have liked to have known that this Foster character was going to come out of nowhere and steal 13 carries.

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