After years of concern, weather will not be a factor during Super Bowl XLVIII

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

There will not be a blizzard during Super Bowl XLVIII. The game will not be moved to another day. Mother Nature will show mercy on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Many NFL observers expected – some hoped – bad weather would impact the Super Bowl on Sunday. That is because they did not like the idea of the game being played at MetLife Stadium, which is a colder location than Miami, Tampa Bay, San Diego, or any dome stadium. The NFL had several end of the world scenarios in place if weather was going to be a factor.

Well, that story line is officially over.

According to, the temperature should be around 44 degrees around kickoff, and there is a 20-percent chance of rain. The wind will be around 4 mph.

In addition, the temperature should dip to 39 degrees around 10 p.m. (wind at 7 mph), which is far from the Armageddon many expected.

NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington spoke to Super Bowl XLVIII groundskeeper George Toma, and was told there were six machines blowing hot air onto the field to keep it warm prior to the game.

The good weather also means “Peyton Manning can’t play in cold weather and wind” stories are irrelevant on Sunday.

In other words, it will be a chilly night, but a great day for football.

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