Worst question of Media Day? Broncos’ Shaun Phillips might have been asked it

Dumb questions are part of the media landscape. Nowhere are they more prevalent, however, than on Media Day.

Given the massive general population (there were more than 6,000 issued credentials) who trotted out to ask questions in the early session with the Denver Broncos, we knew there would be two or three questionable queries of the players. And now we have a candidate for the worst question of the day.

Per usual, Sam nails it. Phillips' response was almost funnier than the question itself.

"I look at every game is a must win game," he said, probably not knowing what to say.

What was Phillips supposed to say?

Some runners-up for worst question during the media session:

For the record, Decker asked if that was a real question.

And, then, this one deserves to be in its own category of sadness, asked by "Pick Boy" of Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett (which Bennett wisely did not answer):

That's Media Day, folks. It gets a bad rap ... for a reason.

I think I get why Marshawn Lynch would hide from the "media" on Tuesday.

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