The word of the day: Indemnification

That's what Roger Goodell is offering to former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh, who says (or at least hints) that he has damning information concerning Bill Belichick and some of the more devious information he's collected through the years on videotape.

Walsh has previously told people that he won't say a word until he's indemnified. What he wants is for someone to tell him, "Should any of your babbling get you sued by someone, we'll pay all damages that you end up having to pay." Roger Goodell stepped up and offered it to him.

Here's my problem with that: It's in Roger Goodell's best interests to make it look like he wants to get to the bottom of this, but it is not in Roger Goodell's best interests for any new Spygate information to actually come to light. Any new intelligence on Patriot cheating is clearly bad for the NFL, and it's Roger Goodell's job description to stop bad things from happening to the NFL.

He's got a major conflict of interest. I'd love to know what Matt Walsh knows, and I'd love for someone to squeeze that information out of him, I'd just rather it was someone who doesn't stand to lose something if some hard truth comes out.

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