Woman at Giants Super Bowl parade can’t wait to see Mark Sanchez (video)

Chris Chase

Thousands gathered in lower Manhattan on Tuesday morning to watch the Super Bowl champion New York Giants parade down the Canyon of Heroes. One woman was there to see the New York Jets.

When asked by a NBC reporter who she most wanted to see at the parade, a young woman in a Giants Super Bowl T-shirt made an interesting request:

Make all the jokes you'd like about how she was enjoying what was in that Giants tumbler a little too much. And, sure, if she frequents New York nightclubs, there's a 30 percent chance Mark Sanchez has introduced himself to her anyways.

But I choose to look at the positives: This young woman was able to conduct an interview while her friend was sitting on her shoulders and still managed to name one New York player, albeit one on another team. All in all, I'd say that's a pretty successful Tuesday morning.

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