Winnipeg man now owns stock in ‘Green Boy Packers’

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Some Green Bay Packers fans who spent $250 on a single share of team stock didn't get the certificate in time for Christmas. Others did. It's a toss-up as to who should be more disappointed.

At least one of the 250,000 shares of Packers stock that have been sold since early December features a glaring typo on the stock certificate. Arvind, of Winnipeg, sent in a picture of his shareholder certificate to SI's Jimmy Traina. It reads "Green Boy Packers," which sounds more like a hipster rap duo from Milwaukee rather than one of the most storied franchises in NFL history.

"I just received my Packers certificate," Arvind wrote to Traina via email. "[It's] kind of annoying, kind of hilarious. I wonder if the certificate is worth something now?"

Skeptical as I usually am of possible hoaxes like this, Arvind's certificate looks fairly legit. "Green Boy" is written at every reference to the Green Bay Packers, while the seal at the bottom correctly lists the location of the team as "Green Bay, Wis." The spacing and fonts look correct for all misspelled words.  It's either one heck of a Photoshop or a ridiculous chain-reaction typo.

Arvind wasn't the only Packers fan to be dissatisfied with the stock deal. The team's website promised that certificates would reach buyers in time for Christmas, but a glitch on the first day of sales kept hundreds of copies from going out to buyers.

The Packers have made $60 million so far from the stock sale.

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