Willie McGinest to Wes Welker: ‘Get off the party tour and get back to work’

Chris Chase

Wes Welker wants to get paid. Former New England Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest thinks the wide receiver should be happy with what he's getting.

During an appearance on NFL Network, McGinest criticized Welker's plan to sit out minicamp in a contract dispute. "I don't like the diva attitude," McGinest said.

If McGinest believes what he's saying, then I don't have a problem with him calling out Welker. Too many former players pull their punches when they make the transition to television. It's refreshing to hear someone go against the NFL's bro code.

Not that I agree with him. Not that he necessarily agrees with himself. Here's a McGinest quote from back in 2005 when he was asked about the holdout of teammate Corey Dillon.

"It's a business," McGinest said at the time. "Whether a guy wants to stay or not, that's an individual decision.''

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And whether a guy wants to bash another player for doing right by himself, that's an individual decision too. That's not what was so insulting about McGinest's statement.

Criticizing a man's desire to make some money? That's fine. Telling him he'd be nothing without the Patriots? Acceptable. But ripping his selection in animal-printed boots? Not cool, William. Not cool.