Why, yes — there will be a Victoria’s Secret at Cowboys Stadium

You'd expect a maximum of revenue-generating ideas in any stadium owned and built by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and to date, the man has not disappointed. In addition to the behemoth video screen above the middle of the field, Cowboys Stadium is also known for hosting concerts, college football games, and soccer matches. And in the largest domed or retractable-roof stadium in the world, there's a lot of room for ancillary interests.

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It also has the only press box I've ever been in with its own beer tap, which is singularly impressive, but I digress.

Now, Jones has approved a fairly revolutionary concessions idea for his stadium. On Monday, Cowboys executives will be on hand to open an in-stadium Victoria's Secret store, featuring "co-branded women's items including tees, sweats, hoodies, tank tops, underwear and sports bras," per the Associated Press. The partnership to open a PINK store is the first in sports history.

The ceremony, which will take place just a few hours before the Cowboys and Chicago Bears take the field for "Monday Night Football," will feature Victoria's Secret Pink models Elsa Hosk and Jessica Hart.

We may laugh, but this isn't such a crazy idea. The NFL has tried to raise awareness and interest among female fans and potential fans with lines of clothing and other hooks, and from a branding perspective, it only offends if you don't get that football these days is about a lot more than football.

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There's a reason the Cowboys were recently named the NFL's most valuable team for the sixth straight year by Forbes magazine. That estimated worth of $2 billion has at least as much to do with off-field awareness and marketing as it does with the product on the field, and for all his football flaws (real or imagined), Jerry certainly understands that. And you can bet that if this works, you'll see similar ideas in more football cathedrals that some would like to admit.

Buying a Bears teddy at Soldier Field? What on earth would Dick Butkus have to say about that?

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