Here’s why Peyton Manning isn’t missing the Colts’ season opener

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Though there have been some signs that Peyton Manning may not be ready for the start of the NFL season, there are literally dozens of more reasons why it's safe to assume he'll be on the field when the Indianapolis Colts open 2011 against the Houston Texans. Here are 18 more.

Below are Peyton's career stats against the aforementioned Texans. He's played the team twice a year since 2002 and has had a fair amount of success:

If Peyton were to show up at Reliant Stadium wearing one of those neck braces favored by clients of ambulance chasers, he'd still throw for 200 yards and two touchdowns.

Unless he's physically incapable of walking, expect Mr. Manning to be donning the No. 18 jersey for the Colts in 20 days.

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