Why hello there, Lingerie Football League brawl

I'm not opposed to a good fight breaking out, but I've always maintained that fighting in football doesn't make a damn bit of sense. How does one expect to fare in a fistfight against a gentleman wearing an NFL helmet? Who wins the fight, the guy with the fewest fractured metacarpals?

In Lingerie football, though? Different story. Sure, they're still wearing helmets, but if I see a link, I'm going to click on it. Rrrrrrrow. Saucer of milk, please.

Well, that was a little disappointing.

I know this is terribly sexist, but I'm not going to worry about it, because someone already invented the Lingerie Football League. Shouldn't the LFL have some kind of procedure in place for something like this? Whistles blow, the ladies get separated, helmets come off, the pools are filled with baby oil, and then everyone comes back and wrestles? I'm only asking that we embrace the spirit of the league.