Whoops: The Lombardi Trophy went missing for a short while on Sunday night

Kevin Kaduk
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Was it boogeying down Bourbon Street?

Cutting a rug to live music on Frenchman?

Antiquing its way through Magazine?

The whereabouts of the Lombardi Trophy after the Baltimore Ravens won it on Sunday night may never be known, but it would seem the new Super Bowl champions lost track of their trophy in New Orleans.

You read that right. According to ABC2 in Baltimore, the Lombardi Trophy never made it from the Superdome to the lavish team party that owner Steve Bisciotti threw for his championship team. A team spokesperson confirmed the absence with the Washington Post.

Ravens fans needn't worry, though. Coach John Harbaugh showed up with the trophy for the Monday morning press conference and lamented the anxious separation in the early hours of the morning:

"We hadn’t seen this (Vince Lombardi Trophy) since last night," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "We thought we lost it."

If the NFL and Ravens knew where the trophy went after Ravens players hoisted it in a sea of confetti, they aren't saying. What happens in New Orleans apparently stays in New Orleans.

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Tiffany and Co. has manufactured a new 22-inch, 7-pound trophy for every Super Bowl so the Ravens could have just pulled out the trophy from Super Bowl XXXV to avoid any potential embarrassment in the future had they lost it. (Don't ask me what they would have done had anyone asked why they weren't carrying both around.)

Luckily the team confirmed that the trophy made the team plane back to Baltimore no worse for the wear. It's presumed it'll be a guest of honor in Tuesday morning's parade in Baltimore — assuming it doesn't get into any trouble in Fell's Point before that.

h/t: USA Today

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