What's it like staying at the same hotel as the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl week?

Business trips in January always stink, but imagine this: you arrive at your hotel in the greater metropolitan New York area only to find that, guess what: the Denver Broncos are in town for the Super Bowl, and they're staying at your hotel! Joy! Rapture!

You imagine duetting with Peyton Manning on karaoke in the hotel bar ... Demaryius Thomas bringing you $10 M&Ms from his mini-fridge ... Knowshon Moreno and you stealing extra shampoo bottles from the maid cart ...

Keep dreaming, friend. We've got a tipster in place at the Broncos' hotel, and it is so NOT like that. Our tipster gave us an account of what life is like in the hotel, and for non-Bronco guests, it's basically like being a freshman in high school again. Here's his/her letter and photos, punctuated with a few comments from us. Tipster's in italics.

I'm actually at the [hotel redacted] with the Broncos - but I'm not "with" the Broncos.  I'm a business person on a business trip who happens to be staying here this week.  It's like the President is here - SWAT Team, police, Coast Guard, state troopers, street cops, hired extra security, etc. 

With good reason. You think the president could run a complex, multilayered offense the way Peyton Manning does? Heck no. He'd probably try to, like, negotiate with the defense. And then get sacked.

Every time the team comes/goes they stop the "regular guests" and make us stand behind a rope so they can pass by without having to actually talk to anyone.  I think they have forgotten that I am paying for my room too!

The rope thing is just silly, but as long as we allow ourselves to be treated like children, the NFL will keep doing it. Now, to be fair to the Broncos, "business traveler who wants to chat and maybe exchange business cards" is among the most annoying species of humanity on earth. But seriously, a little howyadoin' never hurt anybody, Denver.

I was actually excited when I found out I was at the same hotel as the Broncos, but the treatment by the NFL handlers and team is ridiculous, so that sentiment is long gone.  The players have no interest in talking to anyone, much less signing an autograph or taking a photo with any of the other guests.

Because taking photos leads to paternity suits. That's what they're told in rookie camp. Also, "handlers" are always the worst. I'd bet that some of the Broncos would even be down with hanging with the common folk were it not for the "handlers."

And to be honest, it's not like there are a lot of other people here that don't belong to the Broncos.  When I have been in the lobby and the team is going or coming there haven't been more than 10 other guests standing around waiting for them to pass. 

Just like the Dallas Cowboys defense, amirite?

Not even a wave or acknowledgement is made by any of them.

They're all living their own private Beats commercial. YEAH YOU CAN TELL EVERYBODYYYY....

They do everything they can to remove the team from any lowly fans.  I guess they really have no desire to see any fans, just the media at scheduled events. 

Trust me, they have even less desire to see the media than the fans. But they don't get fined $100,000 for not talking to the fans.

I read in the paper today that over at the [other hotel redacted] a few blocks away they have done everything they can to shield the Seahawks from having to view any of their fans.  What a shame...

True story. Check out the photo taken by our own Frank Schwab of the sign awaiting visitors at Seattle's hotel:

Anyway, thanks to our tipster. File this under "sad but unsurprising." And if any of you Broncos or Seahawks happen to be reading this under your bedsheets after curfew, how about showing the fans a little love? One day you'll be back on this side of the stretchy rope too, you know.

Jay Busbee is a contributor for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at jay.busbee@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter.