Before they were rock stars: Mock Draft Edition

Here's a very interesting read from our friends over at - they took our most recent mock draft (part one/part two) and plugged in their own analysis of the 32 best players in this draft class from their high school days. Did you know that ...

• One college assistant coach said that Sam Bradford would be a better quarterback than Jason White (we'll call that the "No-duh" evaluation of the day);

• Ndamukong Suh's high school homework was frequently interrupted by recruiting calls;

• Kyle Wilson, who may go in the top ten today, was a two-star recruit and received offers form only three schools;

• Earl Thomas is a one-man band who learned to play the piano at age two;

• Jason Pierre-Paul's high school highlight video was pretty ridiculous;

• Taylor Mays was unsuccessful in recruiting a certain defensive tackle to USC. "I'm trying to get in Gerald McCoy's ear, but he's so big, I can't get close to his ear."

• Jared Odrick was somehow able to resist the magnitude of the Tim Tebow recruiting pitch;

• Mike Iupati was targeted by only two schools, due to a language barrier he has since overcome.

The article is definitely worth checking out - as these young players prepare for the biggest day of their lives, it's interesting and instructive to go back and look at how valued (or not) they were coming out of high school.

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