This week's guy who should wash Gilbert Browns's jock strap

Every Friday on Shutdown Corner, I'll be selecting one individual who, over the past seven days, I feel has earned the distinctly unappealing task of hand-scrubbing Gilbert Brown's jock strap. This week's nominees are:

Mike Leach. It's really sweet that Texas Tech coach Mike Leach wants to stick up for the guys who played for him at Texas Tech, but he should probably stop short of laying into the coaches and GMs of the NFL, not to mention competing college coaches. Coach, I'm really sorry that Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell didn't get drafted where you wanted them to (or at all, in the case of Harrell). Lashing out like you're their overprotective mother, though, probably isn't doing them any good.

By the way, if Graham Harrell ends up not making Cleveland's roster, does Mike Leach say he's sorry? Does he issue a quote to the effect of, "You know what, NFL, I was 180 degrees off on that one. Graham Harrell is just not very good. My bad, guys."?

Brad Childress. I get the feeling that he was trying to make himself look smart and someone else look foolish with his post-draft comments on snagging Percy Harvin, allegedly right out of the hands of the Patriots. I can't help but think that he actually achieved the opposite effect.

Braylon Edwards and Will Demps. During the Browns vs. Texans game last year, Braylon Edwards may or may not have constantly bothered Texans defensive back Will Demps about becoming a model and an actor. If it's true, I don't know who's worse: Edwards for focusing on that sort of thing during a game, or Demps, for ratting him out.

Brett Favre. I don't care if it's not his fault. Even the threat of another Favre-drenched offseason like the one we had last year makes me hope that the swine flu takes me next. You are retired. You are going to stay retired. This "at this time" garbage must stop, and stop immediately.

And the winner is ...

Edwards and Demps. I don't care if one of you washes and one of you dries, but you guys are splitting duties this week. You guys should both be ashamed. Respect your peers, Will Demps, and leave what happens on the field on the field. And Braylon Edwards, if you're that intent on becoming a model, try working on this pose: guy who can catch a football.