A new weekly show, ‘NFL Turning Point’ to air on Versus

Shutdown Corner

WooHoo! More NFL programming! That can never be a bad thing, right?

Starting on Sept. 15, "NFL Turning Point" will air every week on Versus (or the NBC Sports Network, or whatever you want to call it). The one-hour show will focus on a "turning point" in two different games each week. This is from NFL Films president Steve Sabol in a press release about the show:

"Showcasing the sounds and images of the game, from the smallest detail to the big picture has been our strength for nearly 50 years," said Sabol. "We are thrilled to get an opportunity to produce that type of show with a new partner in VERSUS."

Sounds good. I like NFL Films. I like turning points. I like small details and big pictures. Anything else you can tell me about the show, press release?

NFL Turning Point will often include games featuring teams that are playing against each other the upcoming week on NBC's Sunday Night Football, providing additional promotion for the No. 1 primetime show of the fall.

Oh. So it's like a one-hour commercial for NBC's "Sunday Night Football," then.

The new show was advertised and mentioned by Al Michaels during NBC's Chargers/Cowboys game Sunday night. It was the first I'd heard about it. I thought the concept sounded interesting, but the fact that they're specifically targeting teams playing on Sunday night severely diminishes my expectations.

If the show really wanted to do what it says it wants to do -- delve into all angles of a turning point (a coaching decision, a big play, etc.) in the week's best game -- then it could be something really cool. But if they're just trying to find something they can shoehorn into an SNF hype machine, then it feels less promising.

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