The weekend's five least valuable players: Romo's big friends

Offensive Line, Dallas Cowboys. A lot of attention was focused on Doug Free(notes) (the rare offensive tackle with a rapper's name), who was stepping in for the injured Flozell Adams(notes), but Free wasn't the only guy on the Cowboys line to be treated like a turnstile yesterday. The Vikings recorded six sacks, coming from four different guys, and three of them were by Ray Edwards(notes), who was on the opposite side of the line against Marc Colombo(notes). Tony Romo(notes) didn't have a chance. He was under siege from all angles.

LaDainian Tomlinson(notes), Running Back, San Diego Chargers. We've already talked about LaDainian's shortcomings this morning, but I can't help but think if the Chargers had any kind of a running game to compliment the passing game yesterday, it would've been a different game. Obviously, the Jets defense had a lot to do with this, but if Vincent Jackson(notes) can catch 7 balls for 111 yards, and Antonio Gates(notes) can grab 8 for 93, that's should open up some running lanes. I'm not even asking for a 100-yard game here, but 12 carries for 24 yards? Ick.

Joe Flacco(notes), Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens. Flacco finished the day 20-of-35 for 189 yards and two interceptions, and about half of his completions were dump-offs or screens to Ray Rice(notes). At this level, especially if you don't have a running game to lean on, that's just not going to get the job done. The Ravens were good enough to survive one weak outing from Flacco in the playoffs, but not two.

Mel Gibson, Rogue Cop, "Edge of Darkness." Mel Gibson ... as a cop. Awesome. I'm hoping to go see that in a double feature with a movie where Pat Robertson plays a Haitian earthquake victim.

Billy Davis, Defensive Coordinator, Arizona Cardinals. It's been a rough couple of weeks for Billy Davis. He had to go against Aaron Rodgers(notes) and the Packers, and then take on Drew Brees(notes) and the Saints with significant injuries to his secondary. That's a tough road. Still, though. Ninety points in two games? Seventy, I could see. Ninety ... well, 90's going to get you on this list. I hope it doesn't get you fired.

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