Week 6? Cue the rap song putting the Redskins in the Super Bowl

This week, I heard from two different people living in the DC area, both expressing a fear of DC sports talk radio in light of the Redskins comeback victory against the Eagles. Redskins fans, and I know they aren't the only ones, have a tendency to get extremely optimistic, extremely quickly, and extremely vocally.

Further proof of that can be found here, in the lyrics to this song, a Redskins-friendly remix of Low, by Flo Rida, by a fellow named Chris Paul. Paul, and this is awesome, does a new Redskins song every week.

Jason Campbell could be MVP, I think so
Do ya thing, Washington, let's go
Randle-El made a beautiful throw
Cool Chris Cooley took it in for the sco'
Shaun Squeeze'em's leg is made of pure gold
Another NFL East team exposed
Philly don't wanna see this team no mo'
Just like we punched the Cowboys in the nose
It ain't too early to talk Super Bowl

Normally, I'd say that yes, Week 6 is too early to be talking Super Bowl, but you know what? If you record a new rap song for your team every week, even when they're getting beaten down (and that might be his best work, right there) you get special dispensation. The rules don't apply to you, sir.

Please keep making your weekly musical Redskins magic.

Gracias, We're Off to See the Willards.