Week 14's five most valuable players

Jay Feely(notes), K, Arizona Cardinals.

Beating the Denver Broncos hasn't proved to be a tremendous accomplishment in 2010. But when you're a kicker, and you do it all by yourself, that's a different story.

Feely routed the Broncos, 25-13, Sunday. That's five field goals, a rushing touchdown and four extra points. Not only did he outscore every other player in the NFL on Sunday, he also outscored Andre Iguodala, Pau Gasol and Manu Ginobili. Here's the rushing touchdown. Check out Feely's wheels.

Oh, and if you factor in the rest of the Cardinals roster (and I believe the official NFL score does), the beating of the Broncos was even worse. It was 43-13.

But all the Cardinals needed was Feely. The game's scoring started off with a field goal from Broncos kicker Steven Hauschka, but from there, Feely took over. The next six scores were his, including field goals from 48, 55 and 49 yards. He did miss one from 49 yards, just because it would've been rude to be perfect.

Depending on your scoring system, Feely's fantasy football points could have been as high as 29 Sunday. If you started him, congratulations.

Maurice Jones-Drew(notes), RB, Jacksonville Jaguars.

It was originally set to be Darren McFadden(notes) in this spot, because McFadden was exceptional in Sunday's highly entertaining Jaguars/Raiders game. But Jones-Drew busted off this 30-yard touchdown run to seal the game for the Jaguars, and to the victor go the spoils.

That also makes six straight 100-yard games for Jones-Drew, a pretty incredible number, especially when you consider that Rashad Jennings(notes) has been bogarting some of his carries. Jennings had 100 yards himself Sunday.

Some appreciation goes out to David Garrard(notes), too. He didn't have great numbers Sunday, but he's making quality throws and taking care of the ball. No one thinks of him as one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but I'd say that about half the teams out there would improve immediately if they could put David Garrard in their lineup.

Tom Brady(notes), QB, New England Patriots.

Until science comes up with a way to transplant Michael Vick's(notes) legs on to Tom Brady, I'm not sure if it's possible to play the quarterback position any better. In a blizzard, against arguably the league's best defense, Handsome Tom finished 27 of 40 for 369 yards and two touchdowns Sunday.

He's not human. He's the result of a secret government project to scientifically engineer the ultimate male, who could blend in among the rest of us on Earth, yet at the same time, win all of our Super Bowls and bed all of our supermodels.

Corey Hilliard(notes), OT, Detroit Lions.

Why Corey Hilliard? I'll give you four reasons.

1) The two main participants in the game-winning Detroit Lions touchdown Sunday were Drew Stanton(notes) and Will Heller(notes), and it's certainly not going to be either one of them.

2) Look at the blocking on that screen play. It can't be done any better. Hilliard, Stephen Peterman(notes), Dominic Raiola(notes) and Calvin Johnson(notes) all blocked like demons, springing Heller into the paint. Outstanding execution.

3) The Lions, despite scoring only seven points, ran the ball effectively against the Packers. As a team, they ran 41 times for 190 yards, pounding out 4.6 per carry.

4) Hilliard, stepping in for the injured Gosder Cherilus(notes), did an outstanding job against Clay Matthews(notes) Sunday. According to Jim Schwartz, the Packers eschewed their normal plan of moving Matthews all over the field, just so they could line him up against Hilliard all day. Hilliard gave up just one sack that wasn't his fault.

Malcolm Jenkins(notes), CB, New Orleans Saints.

It ended as a 31-13 pounding, but one could argue that the Saints/Rams game turned on one play Sunday. With less than a minute to go in the first half, the Rams were knocking on the door. A touchdown there would've made it 14-13 Rams, with them likely carrying the momentum into the locker room at halftime.

Sam Bradford(notes) floated one towards the end zone, though, and Malcolm Jenkins yanked it out of the sky and took it to the house in the other direction. Instead of 14-13 or 14-9 at the half, it's 21-6 Saints, and that was pretty much it.

I'm not saying the Rams win the game if that pass isn't intercepted, of course. They're not on the Saints level just yet. Without that play from Jenkins, though, we could've been looking at a competitive ballgame.

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