Watch some of the world’s greatest athletes screw up TD celebrations!

Shutdown Corner

Modern NFL tight ends are among the best athletes in the world. They're massive but still incredibly nimble and as explosive as receivers who weigh 60 pounds less than them.

San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis put up some of the most incredible numbers ever seen at the NFL scouting combine, including a 42-inch vertical leap, yet he also turned in one of the most embarrassing celebrations of Week 1. After a great touchdown catch against the Packers, he went to dunk the football over the goal post … and got absolutely stuffed.

Davis wasn't alone in his shame. New England tight end Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown against the Titans and wound up for his regular super spike celebration. And he lost the ball.

Not much fiesta there, Gronk.

The goal posts and stadiums had a full offseason to prepare for all these spiking tight ends. Good to see they're fighting back.

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