Watch the Bengals' four turnovers — over and over and over again (Loops)

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner

Death, taxes and the Cincinnati Bengals losing in the NFL playoffs.

Despite going unbeaten at home during the regular season, Andy Dalton, Marv Lewis and Co. were embarrasingly bounced from the postseason after San Diego's 27-10 win in Cincinnati on Sunday. The script went as you might have expected with Dalton, the sometimes brilliant but always embattled quarterback, committing three turnovers in the second half. The Bengals outgained the Chargers 439-318 but their inability to maintain possession kept Lewis winless in the playoffs. 

Because we're feeling a bit sadistic —sorry, Cincinnati! — we used Yahoo Sports' new Loop feature to look at the four plays that the Bengals will be seeing in their nightmares all offseason.

Turnover No. 1 — Running back Giovani Bernard looked like he was headed into the end zone for a Bengals lead near the end of the first half but a great play from Chargers linebacker Donald Butler stripped him of the ball. 

* * *

Turnover No. 2 —Fumbling without being touched? Fumbling because you decided to slide headfirst instead of feetfirst, forfeiting your quarterback privilege? Yup, Dalton did both near midfield, kicking off what would be a horrendous half of football.

* * * 

Turnover No. 3 — Despite the previous disappointment, Bengals fans could take solace in the fact that Dalton had yet to throw an interception or that it was still a one-score game.  That, however, all disappeared with this throw ...

* * * 

Turnover No. 4 — More than 10 minutes remained, but this interception by Melvin Ingram was the proverbial nail in the coffin. After this Dalton pick, Bengals fans could head toward the parking lot — and another long offseason — feeling confident that they weren't going to witness a comeback.


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