Watch the amazing ESPN video of Michael Sam's reaction to being drafted

A young man who has worked his whole life to get drafted by the NFL gets the call that he has been selected. He tries to keep it together while the team is on the phone but can't. He gives in to the emotion and enormity of the moment and the tears come. When he's done on the phone, he shares the moment with a kiss with his significant other.

It just turns out that in this particular video from ESPN's telecast (via, Michael Sam is gay. That's a first.

Sam and the St. Louis Rams made history when the Rams made him the 249th pick of the draft, in the seventh round. He's the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL.

The story itself is great. The video will be replayed many times. Having an openly gay player kiss his boyfriend after being drafted by the NFL was a moment many probably never figured would come. But really, at the heart of it, the moment was just like any other football player getting the phone call from the NFL that changes his life.

"Obviously you saw Mike at the other end, he was emotional," Rams coach Jeff Fisher told ESPN. "I just said, 'Michael: Hi, this is Jeff Fisher. You are a Ram. The wait is now finally over, congratulations. We think you can come help us win.' I'm not sure how much he heard of that." 

At the end of the ESPN interview, Fisher said he felt privileged to be part of such a historic moment.

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