Watch Pacman Jones’ traffic-stop video and disorderly conduct citation

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Details of Adam "Pacman" Jones' arrest for disorderly conduct this week are emerging in the form of a police video.

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WLWT first obtained a copy of the video, which has a pretty interesting series of events as Jones and his wife are driving too fast (clocked at 53 mph in a 35 zone, per the officer) on, as she said, their way home.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Things get off to a bad start when Jones' wife apparently was busy moving her hands around quickly as the officer approaches the vehicle. They don't like that very much.

• Things then cool down for a second as Jones introduces himself — as Adam, then Pacman, even though he said he retired the Pacman name last December. It apparently applied for reinstatement last Sunday morning on the side of the road.

• After 13 minutes' time, the trooper informs Jones and his wife he'd like to perform a field-sobriety test. Things go south again. Jones isn't thrilled about this, and, having apparently placed a call to his lawyer, believes the officer needs a warrant to do what he's doing. Yahoo house counsel wasn't immediately available at the time of this writing, but, um, no Adam, he doesn't need a warrant at this time.

• As Jones shouts instructions to his wife, who is now back by or inside the trooper's vehicle, the tension between Jones and now a cadre of cops is growing. "Hey, refuse to do anything they tell you to do!" Jones is heard yelling. Compliance is not his strategy at this moment, apparently.

• All the cops say they want is for Jones — amid a flurry of bleeped-out, NSFW words — to chill on the cursing. Thirty minutes later, the tipping point arrives: Jones is issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

According to this report Friday, Jones paid a $130 fine for the disorderly charge. He also is scheduled for trial next month on a charge of assault accusing that Jones hit a woman at a nightclub, which he has pleaded not guilty to.

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