Watch and listen to what really caused the Broncos’ mistake on first snap of Super Bowl

The Seattle fans who attended Super Bowl XLVIII can absolutely say they played a role in the Seahawks' win.

Credit them with the first two points of the game.

Neutral-site games aren't supposed to be loud, and Super Bowls are notoriously quiet. But on the first snap of the game, the Broncos couldn't hear anything. We get a glimpse into what happened on the first play, one of the defining moments of Seattle's 43-8 win, thanks to quarterback Peyton Manning wearing a microphone for NFL Films' "Sound FX."

Manning called the cadence and then started walking up to the line. Presumably it was similar to what the Broncos did in each of their previous 18 regular-season and playoff games. The problem is, center Manny Ramirez didn't hear Manning's signal because of the crowd noise from Seahawks fans and snapped it. The ball went past Manning and the Seahawks ended up with a safety.

"I called the snap count, you didn't hear me," Manning told Ramirez jogging off the field.

The Broncos' sideline chatter shown on the clip mostly revolves around the surprising crowd noise.

"Little louder than we thought, huh?" Broncos coach John Fox said into his headset.

"We've got to go to the silent count," Manning told offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

So the clip confirmed what was said after the Super Bowl: Seattle's "12th Man" deserves a lot of credit for the Seahawks' great start in their first ever Super Bowl win.

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