Watch hilarious Christmas video created by an angry Browns fan

Anwar S Richardson

There have not been many reasons for Cleveland Browns fans to smile this season.

Cleveland finished 3-1 in the preseason, but currently possess a 4-8 record. The Browns have dropped three straight games and are nearly out of the playoff race. Browns fans are forced to support Brandon Weeden, and if he was the quarterback of your favorite team, imagine how difficult your Sundays would be (yes, Jets and Texans fans, we hear you).

It is enough to make a Browns fan angry.

And enough for us to laugh at their expense.

There is currently a Christmas video on YouTube that is a must-see for any Browns fan, or those who just want a good laugh. The artist, who is simply known as Angry Browns Fan, sings several delightful Christmas songs, but with a Browns theme. He expresses the disappointment Browns fans have faced this season through several hilarious ballads.

If the holidays are really a time for laughter, this video is guaranteed to make everyone smile.

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