Watch Glee’s Naya Rivera go nuts after her brother Mychal catches a touchdown for the Raiders

Why is this Oakland Raiders fan so excited? Is her fantasy team performing particularly well? Is she happy the Athletics on their way to the postseason?


If you watch the hit show "Glee," you'll recognize the woman in question is actress Naya Rivera. She's the sister of Raiders rookie Mychal Rivera, who caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Matt Flynn in the first half of Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins. What you see above is Naya's celebration for her brother's big moment, which provided a delicious bit of synergy for the Fox cameras that were likely following her every move.

Rivera's partying was punctuated with a profanity, but hey, at least it beats a cutaway to an irate Gordon Ramsay. We've heard Fox's cooking show mogul is a huge Redskins fan.*

*What we heard is most likely not true.

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