Watch Geno Smith perform his own version of the butt fumble

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith must have studied the AND1 Live Streetball Tour instead of learning the proper way to secure a football this past week.

Smith struggled against the Tennessee Titans during a 38-13 loss. He had four turnovers - two interceptions and two fumbles - and that is to be expected. Smith is a rookie and will deal with growing pains this season. He is not a finished product, but the hope is Smith will progress and improve throughout the year. Nobody expects Smith to look like Peyton Manning right now.

Nevertheless, nobody expects him to look like Magic Johnson, either.

New York had possession on its own 16-yard line in the fourth quarter when defensive end Karl Klug was about to sack Smith. As Smith backpedaled, instead of tucking the football to avoid another turnover, the quarterback attempted a behind-the-back exchange to his left hand. Of course, the ball came loose during this un-Magic-like moment, and Klug returned the fumble for a touchdown.

If Smith reverts to basketball moves under pressure, it makes you wonder when he will bounce-pass the football to a teammate? Could there be a time when attempts a crossover-dribble as a defender approaches? What about a no-look pass to Santonio Holmes? Will he stop scrambling one day because he's afraid the referee will call traveling?

This was Smith's "butt fumble" moment.

Mark Sanchez, you have no room to laugh.

Congratulations, Smith.

You are officially a New York Jets quarterback now.

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